Maturesforfuck signup is a Scammer’s Paradise


Personal Interactions


Online Reputation


Photo Originality


Cost to Upgrade


Features with Free Account



  • Site design is clean and intuitive


  • Fake profiles/bots
  • Reposting your info to other sites
  • Signing you up for other sites and charging you
  • Page itself not sexy


  • $4.23 ($1.41 per day) for a 3-day temporary membership.
  • $39.00 ($1.30 per day) for a 1-month membership.
  • $65.70 ($.73 per day) for an 3-month membership.
  • $106.20 ($.59 per day) for a 6-month membership.


  • Dating: You can let members know you are interested in them by “winking” at them… but you can only respond to a wink if you upgrade to a paying membership to
  • Messages: You can send messages to other users… but only if you upgrade to a paying membership.
  • Alerts: You can choose to receive alerts via your browser window… which inevitably steer you towards upgrading to a paying membership.
  • Upgrades: A premium membership to allows you to “enjoy unlimited chats, big photos, ‘looking for’ info, extended search, and premium support”. You also get their “Satisfaction Guarantee”, which is controversial in of itself.

Overview of

We investigated to see whether they are in fact a legitimate online dating site. The results weren’t pretty. Literally, every action on the site is a funnel to upgrade to a paying membership.

Registration and Features (or lack thereof)

After going to and registering for a free account using an email address and creating a username, messages started to pop up right away from local mature single women looking for companionship. So far, so good… until we tried typing a basic response to the chat message we received. No text would show up in the window unless we decide to upgrade to a paying membership.

Maturesforfuck messenger

Apparently, non-premium members can send five chat messages per day, but that’s only for chats you initiate, not ones you try and respond to, so it’s a pretty worthless feature. If you try to send a message to a user (which doesn’t seem to be any different than chatting with them), you must provide your credit card information before you can proceed.

We tried “winking” at some members, and amazingly we could do so without upgrading to a paying membership to But considering the high probability that the overwhelming majority of profiles are fake, what does it matter? If you wink at a bot, the bot is not going to want to suddenly come to life and want to have sex with you.



We checked a few of the profile photos as best we could; without a paying membership, we could only see small thumbnails of faces. A reverse image search shows they did not appear to be copied from other sites, although the niche of the site (older people) probably has something to do with that. We didn’t recognize any of the “local women” living within 10 miles of our location, which was both a great disappointment and a great relief.

The layout of the site is clean and easy to use. This actually made us more frustrated that we were unable to access any real content without handing over our credit card information.

Into the Fine Print of

“Creation of duplicate profiles across our Partner Sites.”
This is a HUGE red flag. Section 4B(a) of the Privacy Policy is entitled “Creation of duplicate profiles across our Partner Sites,” which states:

“When you sign up to any one of our Services we will send you an email shortly afterwards advising that we have created a duplicate profile on our Partner Sites to enhance your chance of finding a suitable match. When we email you about this you will have the option to decline the service, which costs nothing extra.”

For the record, we never received any such email, but the idea itself is ridiculous. Because they don’t tell you who these “Partner Sites” are, you have no way of knowing where they post your profile. For all we know, our information is going to some kind of kinky fetish sites we have zero interest knowing about.

The Privacy Policy also notes “the laws of England and Wales govern this privacy policy,” so that’s something to keep in mind if you are the litigious sort. come right out and admits they create fake profiles

Right in Paragraph 1 of the Terms of Use, we found freely admits to creating fake profiles under the guise of “properly testing the service” and “research purposes.”


“We may, from time to time, create profiles which are created, maintained and managed by our employees (‘Staff Profiles’).”

Additionally, Terms of Use further admit that these fake profiles may trigger interactions with users. They also reveal your info may be used to create an interaction with another user without your knowledge. So not only are they using fake profiles, they’re using real profiles as puppets to take fraudulent actions. We had to read it three times to make sure we understood the language, but that’s what it says.

We also apparently agreed to waive any right to join in a class action suit against the provider, which doesn’t even seem legal since the Terms of Use aren’t visible until after you agree to them.

Contact Information:

Satisfaction Policy

The “Satisfaction Policy” is by far the most incredible scam on a website filled with scams. Paying members to get the protection of the Satisfaction Policy, which says if you aren’t happy with the site, you don’t get a refund, but they will give you a complimentary three-day membership to one of their mysterious “Partner Sites.” These sites then use your original billing information to renew the subscription to THAT site at the end of the three-day trial period.

Satisfaction Policy

If you have not found someone on our site to meet up with during the first 3 months of your membership you may be eligible to receive a free 3 day trial to use with any of our dating sites. This will automatically renew at the then current membership rates until canceled.

To be eligible you must, within your first 3 months of use of our site:

  • Log in to your account at least 3 times per week
  • Interact through chat messaging with at least 5 other users as potential matches
  • Make use of the site’s features, including Flirtcasts and Winks, to help you find dates
  • Actively search and browse profiles of other users as potential matches
  • Have a full profile with all requested fields completed e.g. ethnicity, status, interests
  • Have two (2) photographs on your profile which have been accepted by our moderators
  • Actively search for potential dates within a 50 mile radius of your own location to increase your chances of meeting someone locally
  • Have not met with any other user in person offline
  • Have a positive payment history with no history of refunds or chargebacks being processed on your account

To request a trial under the Satisfaction Guarantee, you should contact with your request, and be prepared to provide any evidence of compliance with the above terms.

Instead of offering you any benefit for your dissatisfaction, actually makes the problem worse by signing you up for other sites without your consent. The nightmarish implications of sorting out such a mess before they drain your bank account are almost impossible to fathom.

Final Decision on

There is no indication that is in any way a legitimate dating site. Every action works to get you to sign up for a premium membership with no actual proof there are any real members at the end of the rainbow. The site itself seems very non-sexual, but perhaps the content (older people) doesn’t lend itself to much eye candy. In any event, it’s hard to imagine anyone connecting with a real person under any circumstances.

On a scale of 1-10, we give a “1.6”.

Don’t waste your time or money. You could do better almost anywhere else.

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